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March 5, 2009
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Deskter v.1 by beanphotogi Deskter v.1 by beanphotogi

This is my first ever Rainmeter application theme. Due to requests, I've taken some images, made by myself and a few others that I will mention shortly and made them movable on the desktop. There are no system monitoring tools included, this is an all images Rainmeter app. I will mention the system monitoring apps I am running as well, so you can get them.

The files included are:
The background (in several different reso's)- made by myself.
The PNG icons for Rocketdock (or objectdock if you use that)- made by me
Notebook paper template -made by myself.
Coffee cup vector - made by myself.
The post-it notes and pens were made by ~masseva
Which can be found here: [link]

The cell phone vector was made by - [link]

I have also included pre-doodled post-it notes images and psd's.
I included the psd's of the icons so that you can add more, or change them all together.

The fonts used were Sketchathon, and Loved by the King. Links are included in the Readme.

The system tools that I am using are
Notes app and system- ~Kaelri
Clock - cHo_7 (app is called Trans.Rounded) I can't find the link to it anymore.
Calendar: ~limpet <3 which can be found here: [link]

Enjoy, and I can't wait to see some screenies of it in action!!

This has just been featured on!!!!!

I re-did the links, as I was informed they went to the homepages instead of the actual apps (oops)!
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kris1101998 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
very good, i like this!
Alleckz Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012
Hello all! It was about a month ago I instalerade this theme and i love it :D I did this last night because I was tired of opening GIMP every time I should write something :)

here is the [link]

if ther is something you wondering aboute or whant to know aboute the coding beacuse its in swedish you can contakt me on
chess2010 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Student
how to write the note???
WendelFa Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010
Awesome! Thank you very much!
beanphotogi Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome =)
Sk8rDude7 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Yea I came across this on LifeHacker a short while back
congratulations on that.. your work is simply splendid!
beanphotogi Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much =)
Sk8rDude7 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I might try to create a version similar to
this desk, I'll let you know If I end up making it
beanphotogi Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Do let me know =)
sgtevmckay Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
Rainmeter Update:

We've had some magic, and a host change
Rainmeter Forum, IRC, and Code Site
Can be found here: [link]

Apologies for the confusion from earlier posts.

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